Your Calls, Our Service, One Flat Rate

Discover the simplicity and transparency of FLAT service pricing with Ability Messaging. Say goodbye to unexpected fees and hello to budget certainty. Our inclusive approach covers all messaging charges, making your financial planning straightforward and our accounting process smoother.

Unsure about your call volume? No problem. If you’re navigating these waters for the first time or considering a switch from another service, our standard service plans are designed to guide you. Start with a plan that feels right, and let’s evaluate together after three billing cycles. Our goal is to tailor a flat service plan that aligns perfectly with your needs, ensuring you get the value and predictability you deserve.

Choose simplicity. Choose transparency. Choose Ability Messaging.

Plans & Pricing

Show us your recent answering service invoices, and there’s a good chance we’ll match them or better yet, reduce your costs by at least 15%. It’s our commitment to providing you with exceptional value without compromising on quality.

Emergency Response Line

Basic Service


Every Month

Includes 20 inbound calls

all inbound overages and outdials are $3.00 each

fax, text, e-mail are charged $2.00 each

Low Volume

Basic Service


Every Month

Includes 60 inbound calls

Overages and outdials are $0.99

fax, text or e-mail is $0.46

More Traffic

Basic Service


Every Month

Includes 205 inbound call

Overages at $0.71

Each out dial is $0.63

Fax, text or e-mail is $0.33

Best Savings

Basic Service


Every Month

Includes 325 inbound calls

Overages at $0.63

Each out dial is $0.57

Fax, text or E-mail is $0.14

24/7 Answering Service

By partnering with us, your customers will be able to reach a live person, 24/7. Our offices are also open on holidays so you can focus on spending time with your family and not worry about the calls coming in.

We Are Flexible

Our 24/7 answering service is designed to be modified based on your needs. From the first “Hello” through the conclusion of the call, our staff will follow the call-flow you have specified, every time.

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